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This site is a love-letter to Tucson, maintained with nonexistent funds by our volunteer staff and populated by the work of the city's creative community. All profiles are selected and reported through an editorial process; we do not offer paid placement outside of services listings and sponsorship, which will be clearly marked when and if we offer same.

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Tucson Underground is copyright © 2002-2004 by SymbolGroup, Inc. an Arizona corporation based in Tucson. All rights reserved. "Tucson Underground" and "Underground Tucson" are copyright © 2002- 2004. All images and content are copyrighted and may not be used without permission or source identification. Tucson Underground.com and undergroundtucson.com were registered with internic on May 29, 2002.

cia romano

Cia Romano,

warner onstine

Warner Onstine,

kyle kulakowski

Kyle Kulakowski,

Site credits

Cia Romano, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (photography, copy, HTML production)

Warner Onstine, Chief Technologist (HTML templates, server, mailing list)

Kyle Kulakowski, Reporter (reporting, research, writing, HTML production)



Al Perry, Dave Slutes, Naim Amor, Marianne Dissard, Michael Toubassi, mm, Zoe O'Reilly, Boo, Sean Fitzpatrick, Tom Walbank, Noel and Vaudeville, LD Carrico, Trevor Ellerman, the AZSessions crew, Elizabeth Cherry, Milla Rutland, Philippe Lannelongue, Grill and its staff, Harold and the crew at the Cup Café, Matt at Grill, Chris Morrison and Stephanie Schalz, Steven Eye, Bruce Momich, Miguel, Eric Collins at The Production Room, Richard and Shana Oseran, Bombshelter, Eleanor, Anne Luna, Snoopy, Ken Ramey, Jill Hansen, Joe Sweeney, Kim Beth, Sandy and the crew at Presidio Management, Suzanne Ellenbogen, Linda Palmer, Michael Butler, Noah Logan and the crew at Clickability, Inc. San Francisco, Gloria and Rafael Cardoso for unending support.


Yutaka Sagara. Thank you, dear friend.