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Fray Day 7 - True stories told live!

Fray Day 7 Oct. 4th, Biblio on Congress

Fray Day 7 poster: Bradley ZimmermanŠ 2003

Tucson is one of 14 cities worldwide that participated in Fray Day 7. For additional information about Fray.com, visit Fray Day 7's Web site. Did we know we'd be in the middle of Fall Crawl? No! Did we make the best of it? For sure.

THE LINEUP - Saturday October 4, 2003

Emcees Cia Romano and Diane Bombshelter
7:01 DJ Chooch from AZSessions Spins Downtempo
7:28 Tom Walbank
7:35 Maggie Golston
7:42 Jae Sutherland
7:49 Sean Fitzpatrick
8:06 Vee Phillips
8:20 DJ Emmfour Spins Drum & Bass
8:27 Regina Kelly
8:34 Cia Romano
8:56 Kim aka Stella
8:57 Open Mic
Afterparty: DJ Madrid Spins House & AZSessions Special Guests Spin 'til Close

bombshelter christian jae stella
maggie regina roseann sean
vee tom walbank