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High and Dry: Where the Desert Meets Rock and Roll
An Upstairs Film debuted in Tucson Sept. 2, 2005

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COURTESY OF UPstairs FILMS 2003-2006

As the titles dissolve, Bob Log III intones, "This had a name, but I forgot what it was." With that he launches into a classic crash-helmeted set. Michael Toubassi and his colleagues at Upstairs Film have created High and Dry: Where the Desert Meets Rock and Roll, a historical (and sometimes hysterical) documentary about the mad brilliance of the Tucson music scene in the '80s and '90s. Rumor has it that Upstairs is in possession of the most comprehensive list ever of classic Tucson bands and their personnel. While you chew on the implications of that, take a look at the trailer (right) . For more perspective, check out www.sa-wa-ro.com, the UK fan site chronicling collected discographies of idiosyncratic Tucsonans. The show features Howe Gelb and Giant Sand, Friends of Dean Martinez, Chris Cacavas, Long Ryders, Calexico, Green On Red, Doo Rag, Sidewinders, River Roses, Shoebomb, Earls' Family Bombers, The Pills, Broken Horse, Blacky Ranchette, Bob Log III, The Drakes, Al Perry, Chick Cashman, and dedicated to Rainer.

High and Dry: Where The Desert Meets Rock and Roll
Check out the Web site at /www.upstairsfilm.com/highanddry/.