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fashion / clubwear / Hydra

The unparallelled shoe room at Hydra; owner and local legend Margo at the entrance to Hydra on Congress Street, Spring 2003.


If dressing like a Goth warrior or a rock star is your secret fantasy, then you should be shopping at Hydra. (If you are into the B/D or S/M scene, then you probably already do shop at Hydra.) This is the place to find all the things your mom wouldn't let you wear in high school. You can probably even find many of the things your mom wouldn't even let you look at in high school. But seriously, the selection is big-city rad with top-shelf labels (like LipService) and looks from raver to graver to Xena-in-Las-Vegas. The staff is friendly and knowledgable (Jae, Candace, and Steve each have their specialties). And around Halloween, you'll even find the store overrun with "straights" who want to dress for one night the way you dress all the time.

-ken ramey and cia romano, fall 2003