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Legends of the Tucson Underground

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Howe Gelb lives with feedback, Hotel Congress, Fall 2005;Dave Slutes as Milos Sucrose of the Zsa Zsas, "Bermuda Love Triangle" show, Plush, Tucson, Valentines Day 2003.


The first thing to say is "thank you." There would be no scene without these people and places; they all contribute in different ways. Word to those who complain about who is-- and is not-- in this section: None of them ever asked to be listed as "Legends," and many suggested someone else. Criteria for "Legends": Undisputed talent and a collaborative heart.

-- CIA ROMANO, spring 2004

The Hotel Congress

Everyone ends up there eventually. Hotel, café, Tap Room, main stage, event facilities and live rock.

Naim Amor: Inspired experimental pop

Bob Log III: Crash helmet and the "Slide Guitar Ride"

Bombshelter: Cheerleader of the Underground

Tasha Bundy: Drum goddess

Calexico: One of Tucson's musical treasures, with an international following

Elizabeth Cherry: Doyenne of the art scene

Howe Gelb: The undisputed master of idiosyncratic, desert-baked, introspective rock

Grill: Where many of us take most of our meals

Jeff Grubic AKA Mr. Tidypaws: Barbequed sax

The Hotel Congress: Everyone ends up there eventually

Al Perry: Tucson's best-loved cowpunk

Cathy Rivers: Rock superwoman

Margo: Pioneering the Fashion Alternative

Skrappy's: Creating the future and harboring the all-ages crew

Dave Slutes: Longtimer Slutes and his most notorious band, the Zsa Zsas

Solar Culture: Outpost of alternative music and art

Tom Walbank: English bluesman of the first order