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7 Black Cats

Pool player and doormen at 7 Black Cats, Tucson, Summer 2002 (above), Cats poster (bottom).


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121 E Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

The neighborhood garage-band bar hosts music ranging from Naim Amor's experimental pop to local thrash bands like Yellowcabs and Red Switch. Hell, everybody plays here. Old-timers miss the "upstairs" that created great little nooks "downstairs" for talking smack, but we've gotten used to showing up in the more open layout. Floyd Haxton hosts open mic and shows you up by being 72 and rockin' more reliably than most of us. The Cats has been undergoing a gradual upgrade and its devoted followig has taken note. With with the fashionable but intimidating Anne at the door, you're guaranteed a no-bullshit night of loud music.

-Cia Romano, Fall 2003

Club denizens 411:

Open most nights except Sundays. Cover is cheap -- $2 to $3 -- and you should pay it so the band gets paid. Open mic with Floyd on Tuesday nights. Touring bands also favor the Cats.

Drinks and music:

The Cats proudly features a sign reading "No Budweiser Products" and a great beer selection. Wine is wine. Bands range across the spectrum but loud is a good bet on most nights.

Friendly words of advice:

Be extremely nice to the door and the bartender! For your own good. Civility is required here.

Unique features:

The bar at 7 Black Cats is a fabulous collage of vintage cheesecake and soft porn. Trips to the restrooms are worthwhile for the dˇcor.

Past lives:

Write us with info.