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Hazy Dayz

Top left, Larissa being gorgeous. Top right, glowstick dancer at Hazy Dayz afterhours. Center, the library, image Susan Kitchens. Below, the billiards room.


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Park and Ninth Street
(R.I.P. -- Hazy Dayz closed in summer 2003 and is much lamented -- Editor)

It must have been hell to be an underage freshman back in the year 2000 -- the only good places to hang out were infested with high schoolers or you needed a believable fake ID. Disgusted with this state of affairs, Dan Childers and Ariel Farah bought a vintage fire station that has seen several incarnations, and renovated it into a cool place for students to hang out. Hazy Dayz café was born.

- Kyle Kulakowski, spring 2003

Club denizens 411:

Dress is casual. Open mic, local singer-songwriters, sometimes live rock. The night to go to Hazy Days is Saturday. Cookin', the house crew, and guest spinners from AZSessions and others do a full night of trance, techno, and electronic music from 9pm to 3am for just $3. Walk in at 2 AM and compete for room on the dance floor.

Drinks and food:

The drink menu covers everything you would expect from a coffee house: Espresso, chai, tea, and Italian soda. Only college students could have cooked up the menu, ranging from pizza to pop tarts. They also have a selection of sandwiches ranging from PB & J to a make your own sandwich ($4.50). Everything is fairly inexpensive - the priciest thing being the Club Sandwich (a whopping $5).

Friendly words of advice:

For $7 you can rent a hookah and get to smoke a briquette of flavored tobacco (choose from a variety of exotic flavors -- the most popular are double apple or peach). You should bring at least 4 people to partake in the hookah (it will take about 45 minutes). Refills are $5. If you go at night to smoke a hookah, dress warmly for the unheated patio.

Unique features:

The eclectic selection of rooms is like something out of a Clue board game: A library, the bar/dance floor, a billiards room, a small counter wher you order menu items, and the patio/hookah smoking area. The walls are lined with art.

Past lives:

Hazy Dayz had been Christine's Movie Palace," a StarNet hangout in recent years, but long before that it was a firehouse -- you can still see the huge double doors in the front of the building. Call the aquarium pets whatever you wish. The fish and turtles have no official names and every customer or employee calls them something different. One man calls the turtles Mega Man and "Mega Man II."


Writer: So what makes Hazy Days unique? Owner: Look at everything around you.