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tucson underground, asylum by cia romano

Saturday night at Asylum, Spring 2003.


Most Tucson Underground hot spots are within a stone's throw of Congress and Fourth Avenue, but a few classics are down the road a couple of miles. We sure don't want you to miss anything.

Asylum: Your friendly neighborhood goth/industrial bar

Biblio (R.I.P.): Literary salon

HazyDayz (R.I.P.): Coffeehouse and after-hours

Heart V: Beautiful space and kinky people

The Hotel Congress (Listed in LEGENDS): Axis of the Underground

Irene's (R.I.P.): Peruvian food and tango dancers

The Meet Rack: A very close second to the world's worst/best dive bar

Plush: Living up to its name in ambiance

The Red Room: The next best thing to being in the band

7 Black Cats (R.I.P.): Your friendly neighborhood garage-band bar

The Rialto: Tucson's oldest performance theater

The Shelter: Takes its name and decor from the Cold War -- a classic

Surly Wench Pub: Tough chicks and loud bands

Vaudeville: Post-Nawlins hangout for the scene's survivors